Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rockin’ great time - ONE OK ROCK

20130902 New Straits Times 
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雖說距離OOR演唱會還有2個月多的時間,可是宣傳很早就開始了啦~之前售票日引起了一番轟動 (Red Zone Ticket 在5分鐘內就Sold Out了),現在NST又有報導OOR。再來就是OOR給粉絲們的VideoMessage!

Quote 報導裡 Taka 給馬來西亞粉絲的訊息:
Vocalist Morita Takahiro promises to “bring and provide the most fun and rockin’ time, 100 per cent guaranteed.
“This is the first time we’re meeting our Malaysian fans. We want to thank you for all your support all these years,” he says in an interview.
“From the bottom of our hearts, we are looking forward to the concert. Let’s rock and have a good time together!”
Morita, who admits to not knowing much about Malaysia yet, says: “I can’t wait to learn about the country on this trip.”


欲觀賞 Video Message,請到:

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